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Company Profile


Company Profile:

We at the Brand Name of Property Hub Management Pvt. Ltd. (Exclusive Real Estate Marketing & Management) firm in Real Estate Industry.Dealing with a team of dedicated Professionals experience of successive years.Having our establishment in working zone corporate office at Patna, Bihar, Technical Support at Gurgaon, serving Sales and  Service all over India with Branch and Associates Offices. As per our sound experience in these years, we had healthy business co-operation with these portfolios and had result oriented deal from small scale business builder to brand builder of the industry. And the success prevailing with the experience of sweet and sound customer satisfaction level converting to business to personal relationship in long term view with lots of competition of the same. We are planned professional with result oriented.

Who we  are?  

We are the pioneer and leader in (Exclusive Real Estate Marketing &Management) firm in Real Estate Industry business is very well respected, reputed and known for its’s great products and services.Which is results oriented, seasoned professional who regards principal, balance and professionalism as strategic component of our business Philosophy.Providing a new generation of business intelligent techniques and services that creates true business enterprises.

What do we do?     

Providing an intelligent solution for real estate business environment. Our specialized product and services is used by many reputed builders, developers  and real estate consultants and customers of their real estate needs varying from different segments of properties from different cities to states. At the plateform of phplindia.com our property portal advertisement, sales, purchase, latest updates of properties availabiltiy, expert guidance, property appreciater, guidelines, made a business behaiviour smoot, hassel free and profit deal. At the part of sales anywhere in India we do provide 90% fo the sales behaviour closes on the office table or system screen having lots of choices in respective requirement of the properties. Even loan assistance is a part of our business closing. And is well known for the pioneer education and services to handle the tough competition of the market.Have already changed the older passion of business and like the challenges and diversified of innovative and high visibility of real estate fastest growing opportunity to serve the nation and the people respectively.In order to meet our growth objective, this firm has made service tool and marketing strategy for realtors. We have depth of knowledge & experience which takes to positive contribution in these successive years. Of key importance has been our ability to handle day-to-day issues while planning and implementation of the system and future program.

We Offer More

Project from own website Portal.  

 Advertisement of your requirement for better result in our

 Home network

 Study and analysis of project to suit your need

 Marketing your project to get better result

 Expert advice by experienced professional

¤ Less Official /Enquiry Work                                                                                   

Handling of your requirement enquiry.

Will work fully on behalf of you.

90% of the business talk is done at our table/office.

Saving of time, energy and money.

Customer Care Number

Office Time: 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM





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