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About Us

We are Propertyhubworld.com, the Brand Name of Property Hub Management Pvt. Ltd( Exclusive Real Estate  Marketing & Management) Online Property Portal in Real Estate Industry.Dealing with a team of  dicated Professionals experience of successive years. We are planned Professionals in Real  Estate Industry business is very well respected, reputed and known for its great    products  and  services. Which is a results oriented, seasoned professional who regards principal, balance and professionalism as strategic component of our business Philosophy. We     are the  pioneer and leader in Providing a new generation business, intelligence, future of housing and marketing technology. Providing a new generation of business intelligent techniques  and  services that creates true business enterprises online/Offline/Resources/Newtwork and lots more on digital technologies.Our Experience Deals in Residential, Commercial, Corporate park , Plots, Row House, Duplex Commercial Rental and lots More.

Propertyhubworld.com  one of the fastest growing property services provider in India with maximization of  the project presentation view,promotion and marketing Properties/Projects with result oriented business behavior. To serve the happy residence and business environment as per your choice all over India/Country. To serving the such a pattern we have developed the entire system for Buyer/Seller/Advertiser having our Technical Support Call Center for real estate services managed by the expert of the industry with team of sales, analysis, appreciation predictors andlegal, aspects for fare systematic deal. Now we are launchings the property portal this season to maximize benefits of advertisement &property sale respectively.

Propertyhubworld.com Exclusive real estate marketing and management

Propertyhubworld.com Exclusive real estate marketing and management specialized in India for all type properties, and majority is of joint venture (exclusive selling channel partner) . Although part of a large group, we have dedicated teams dealing with customer sales and providing a very personalize service under expert guidance of the realtors. Our Sales Team consists of expertise in same field with successive years of experience in Property market.

Our Associates

As a joint venture of marketing and selling properties we have no. of branch offices/associates at different location to serve you better in all respect,responsible for marketing and customer acquisition for investment properties that are purchased by customers from all over India/overseas. Customers can be benefited from this relationship too “especially for investment properties”. This is maintained for long span of time with us at different levels

Our Sales team

Apart from all this advertisement and sales promotion activities we have a separate division who is specialized in sales of the property. Which are regulated and planned sales at corporate level managed by experts of the industries along with no. of developers/builders/underwriters/property consultants/investors/property owners from different states in india.


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